Light Therapy

Our Chakras cannot function when there is a blockage in the energy paths. This blockage hinders a smooth energy flow through our Chakras system, which minimizes our mind’s ability to concentrate peacefully on the movement of energy through the body. This result in a physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual blockage. If your Chakras become imbalanced, you may experience unexplained anxiety, nightmares and health problems.
We use Polarized Light to open up or further strengthen your Chakras so that your internal and external problems fade away. This treatment can help you overcome other problems such as Anxiety, loneliness stress etc. It’s one of the most comprehensive yet straightforward techniques for treating these problems.

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Life Coaching

Once we get your Chakras open and you start to feel better, we are also here for further guidance if needed. We are able to assist  you in attaining your full potential and achieving your goals. We are your supportive companion and a trustworthy advisor. Our life coaching will inspire you to set objectives and encourage you to become a better version of yourself.

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Light Coaching

The analogy of the Chakra system was used to build this Light coaching course. You’ll discover practical life balancing skills, start practicing self-care and energy hygiene daily and embark on a holistic path that feels achievable because of this customized coaching. Unblocking the energy of our Chakra systems is just a matter of learning coping methods that will help us get through life.

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Open From:

10:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M

7 days a week (Monday to Sunday)

Mobile session available for your next event In the Sacramento and surrounding areas